The Financial Security Summit
Nairobi, Kenya

The BFSI industry is ready to ride the fintech wave by embracing disruptors, resulting in the digital transformation of financial institutions and innovation in the traditional banking systems. While these technology advancements offer several advantages, it also presents various threats and risks related to security and privacy.

It is estimated that cybercrime will cost the global economy $2.1 trillion by 2019 an it costs more to the financial services firms than to any other industry. The annual average cost of cybercrime for financial services has increased by more than 40 percent over the past three years. Cybersecurity threats in the financial sector are on the rise and this risk has increased in the past years due to rapid advances in the hacking technology. New technologies are emerging with no proper security measures and adoption of these technologies can open the door for the cyber attackers.

Security leaders need to find effective ways to improve their abilities to defend against cyber security threats. Thus, we bring the 3rd Edition FINSEC – The Financial Security Summit, the only event in East Africa that solely aims to address the key security challenges evolving in the fintech landscape. This one-day summit will gather the security leaders from across the globe to mutually discuss how to redefine their security models and manage risks. It will highlight the latest technological developments and strategies to protect organizations against cybercrime.

Why Attend?

Are your cybersecurity strategies safe enough?

Financial services is one industry that is under continual threats from cyber criminals. Even after investing millions of dollars on security, hacks are rising. It is important for the organizations to assess their security practices. This summit will address the security loopholes to ensure the security of organizations.

Learn from your peer’s experiences:

Cyber threats landscape is constantly changing as cybercrimes become more sophisticated. Gain insights through interactive panel discussions on how organizations are dealing with their cyber risk challenges and managing their budget priorities.

How to develop and deploy best practices:

Security leaders need to align their security practices with the business objectives and develop effective cybersecurity measures to handle vulnerabilities. Explore ways to move your cybersecurity efforts from traditional defensive approaches to proactive strategies.

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest innovations:

It is extremely essential to keep pace with the changing technological landscape and financial institutions need to upgrade technologies to strive in the competitive marketplace. Get acquainted with the latest technologies and solutions in the financial security space through our exhibitors and solution providers.

Focused Masterclass

Be part of the highly interactive and focused session on the future of banking with blockchain technology. Seats are limited, so make sure you register for this session in advance.


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