5th Edition New Age Banking Summit
April 30th, 2018
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

NABS (Oman) 2018 will focus on

Fintech – the driving force behind the changing banking landscape

The disruption blockchain is bringing to the banking sector

Reinventing financial services

Dawn of cognitive banking

Top risk concerns of the financial service industry – cybersecurity

Application of IoT in banks – preparing to connect anything, anywhere

Data is the new oil of the digital banking – how analytics is redefining banking – monetizing your data

What makes this summit unique?

    Oman Banking & Finance Awards
    The New Age Banking Summit serves as an optimal dais for the largest awards and recognition platform in various segments and fields of banking in the region.
    Open Colloquiums
    Providing a platform for intensive discussions and free-associating key elements of new age banking.
    Disruptive Sessions
    Find out what’s disrupting the banking sector worldwide so that you are never caught by surprise and you can keep your bank a step ahead.
    Case Stories & Success Stories
    There’s nothing more effective than a case study to understand the difference between theories and implementation as you learn from real-life examples of challenges and ways to overcome them.
    Next-Level Networking
    As the gathering in Oman that brings the maximum number of CEOs together (along with their teams), we not only help introduce you to them but also help you have one-on-one discussions to learn what’s good for business.
    Dedicated Brainstorming for Strategies and Solutions
    Discover how to overcome obstacles and roadblocks through rigorous round table sessions.