al khaliji launches first humanoid robot bank ambassadors

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Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) has launched its first state-of-the-art humanoid robots, ‘Jassim’ and ‘Noor’, as the bank’s brand ambassadors during an unveiling ceremony held at the Um Lekhba branch yesterday (May 23rd 2018).

The humanoid robots have already adapted to the bank’s environment and have begun interacting with both customers and employees on diverse subjects ranging from product and services to general knowledge and fun aspects, the bank said in a statement.

“With this launch, the bank aims to sensitise the community on the rapid advances in smart banking capabilities around us. It emphasises the need to embrace such technological advances as part of everyday banking transactions.

“al khaliji has always been keen to usher in innovative next generation concepts and has purposefully customised these humanoid robots to deliver a very unique and personalised customer experience,” al khaliji said.

Jassim and Noor are designed to be genuine day-to-day companions and guides, and are the first humanoid robots capable of recognising the principal human emotions and adapting its behaviour to the mood of the interlocutor.

“The technology will complement al khaliji’s existing IT infrastructure and help our employees to add a unique experience for our customers,” said Rana al-Asaad, head of Personal Banking of al khaliji.

“We are sure that this addition will only accelerate the need for the bank to bring in more innovative products and services for its customers in the coming days. Jassim and Noor are keen to welcome customers to the bank and help guide them to make the right choice of product selection. The robots can select applications, simple or complex, to assist directly using interactive animations and demonstrations or can call staff when needed,” she added.

In the first phase, the humanoid robots will frequent the bank’s branches besides visiting some of the more popular malls in Qatar. They will also visit schools, universities, and colleges to introduce banking programmes for students and listen to ideas and suggestions offered.

Jassim and Noor are very likely to visit key employer worksites and present al khaliji as a preferred banking choice for new joiners. Additionally, they will always make time to meet shareholders at the annual general meetings, attend customer seminars and events, career fairs, and charitable events.

al khaliji said the bank is hopeful that with such innovations, it will be able to serve the local community even better and inspire the society to participate and contribute to new technology.

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